We are specialists in participatory approaches to innovation, strategy and brand experience.

We help organisations make the most of key moments through collaborative processes that inspire teams, invite audiences in and harness the energy of uncommon talent.

We call it social changework.

Recently we have...
Brought together 1,000 Londoners to re-imagine the future museum
The Museum of London
Designed a university course for massive multidisciplinary collaboration
Ravensbourne University
Set a new direction for the world's largest real estate investor
Allianz Real Estate
Branded the world’s largest climate change movement
Helped Oslo rediscover their innovation mojo
Oslo Innovation Week
Built a new platform to promote an entire kingdom
Jordan Tourism Board

Engage Your Teams

If you want to change, many of the answers probably already exist within your grasp. We help organisations unlock the energy and insight of their teams to find a better future that everyone can get behind. 

Invite Audiences In

Through workshops, sprints and inventive collaborations we help organisations learn from and build new relationships with their audiences in ways that deliver outsize benefits for years to come.

Harness Uncommon Talent

No one has all the answers. Our methodology allows you to leverage external talent and expertise in a systematic way that makes the most of your resources - and their skills. 

Meet Our Team

Ren Balogun


Content strategy specialist. Major projects for ClientEarth, AlphaSights and Circle Collective.

Alasdair Hiscock


Design specialist. Major projects for Land Rover, Ravensbourne University and Planet. Sideline in creating fashion brands that create lots of noise.

Simon Myers


Experienced strategic mind. Entrepreneur. Major embrace-the-future projects for Samsung, Allianz Real Estate, Jordan Tourism and environmental action. Co-founder of Something More Near.

Rosaria Vallesi


Project management specialist, overseeing projects for Nespresso, Allianz Real Estate, TED and Placido Domingo.

Nicole Macleod


Strategy specialist. Major projects for Ted, Trillion Trees, Namibia Tourism Board, Allianz Real Estate, Planet Payment.

David Gunn


Participation specialist. Major projects for Tate, World Health Organisation, Museum of London and Franco Manca. Co-founder of Something More Near.

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