Transforming the Museum of London

We’re very happy to announce we’ve been selected by the Museum of London to drive a major rebranding project over the coming year

Since the Museum announced its plans to move to Smithfield several years ago, we’ve worked with their leadership to help ensure this move drives a broader transformation in the Museum’s offer and its relationship to London as a whole. Its been a wild ride, including week-long design sprints with over 700 students at Ravensbourne University, and a two-week residency in a disused butchers shop to co-create the Museums new mission and brand framework in conversation with 500 Londoners.

The visual identity project should be the biggest yet. We’ll be collaborating with the talented folks Uncommon Studio to deliver a radically open, creative process that rejects the black-box development of traditional brand-building and instead works hand-in-hand with Londoners from Day 1. 

"The quality of Something More Near and Uncommon’s collective thinking about co-creation and branding ultimately stood out as the right team to meaningfully engage Londoners in the development of a brand fitting of the shared place in the middle of it all that the Museum of London aspires to become."

- Andrew Marcus, head of communications at the Museum of London

Huge thanks to Sharon, Andrew and the teams at Museum of London. We can’t wait to get started. Learn more over at Campaign Live.

Image Credit: Secchi Smith

David Gunn is co-founder of Something More Near. Participation specialist. Major projects for Tate, World Health Organisation, Museum of London and Franco Manca. Co-founder of Something More Near.