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The Challenge

Building greater recognition, increased audience engagement and more donations

The Approach

Design new participation strategy with different London voices and co-create a content strategy to put ClientEarth at forefront of climate conversations 

When Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour donated $21million to environmental law charity ClientEarth last year, it was the first time that most people had heard of this unique organisation that is using the law to protect the planet. 

Founded by legal legend and Buddhist monk James Thornton in 2007, ClientEarth has built an impressive reputation for holding governments to account on existing environmental legislation. From halting new coal-fired power plants, forcing proper air pollution responses from No10 or halting illegal use of rainforest products, ClientEarth has grown in size and stature and its effectiveness the envy of many other eco-NGO’s. 

Despite the impact of their work, the awareness of ClientEarth outside a relatively small audience was seen as a necessary challenge to overcome in order to grow faster and further at time when their services are in great demand. 

We were asked by ClientEarth to explore new membership options for new audiences as well as a revised content strategy as a result. 

Learn from others

Whilst every organisation is unique, the challenges they face have often been tackled by others before. Reviewing membership models, audience donation research and interviewing progressive participation players (thank you Crowdfunder!) allowed us to move with speed. 

Talk with the right crowd

Over a weekend we invited 25 individuals who were all potential supporters of ClientEarth work but as yet unasked. What were they looking for in a new relationship? What were the gives and gets? What form should that take? It got creative. 

A more relevant approach

We developed a new donation and awareness strategy for ClientEarth that is more focused around particular prioritised audiences. We also worked with ClientEarth communications team to overhaul their editorial approach and content for more meaningful audience engagement. Currently being implemented. 

“Fantastic to work with Something More Near who challenged existing assumptions in the organisation, brought in external voices and crafted a different approach that we can adopt and implement”

Stephanie Pfeil, Director of Global Development

Changework Projects