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Proposition development,

Brand strategy and identity, 

Audience research,

Messaging framework


The Challenge

Inspire a billion people worldwide to take action to reduce their carbon pollution

The Approach

Co-ordinated participation of multi-discipline teams around the world to move from project concept to global launch in three months

In late 2019, a coalition of organisations and individuals came together to plan the largest mobilisation of climate action ever seen, from global organisations such as UNEP, TED and Accenture to individuals like the architects of the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement Tom Carnac and Christiana Figures. Their ambition? To engage one billion people who are not currently active on climate issues, and inspire them to take practical actions to reduce their carbon pollution.

We were tasked with transforming this amazing partnership into a clear identity to engage a billion worldwide. Over five months, Something More Near led a process to create a brand proposition, visual identity, online platform and communications campaign for Count Us In, which launched at TED’s global Countdown event to a worldwide audience of over 10 million, plus widespread media coverage including the BBC, the Sun, the Guardian and Vogue India.

We worked closely with an international team of collaborators, bringing together creative talent and diverse stakeholders from over 10 supporting organisations and 30 partner brands to collectively shape the voice, identity and functions of this vital project.

Built on Optimism

Working with leading climate change researchers, advocates and behavioural experts from around the world, we developed a proposition, name and messaging that builds a spirit of inclusive optimism. Count Us In takes a distinct course from traditional climate campaigning, aiming to directly connect the hopes and everyday lives of a broad anxious audience with a sense of mass participation to make a difference to the climate change threat we all face.

Made to travel

The visual identity system is built on the same principles as the project itself – to equip the masses with what they need to make a real impact. It’s made to be picked up and used by anyone and everyone, from corporate partners and celebrities to regular folks. The use of simple but distinct badges and stickers applied to user generated content allows Count Us in to thrive in social media, core to the communications strategy.

creating a platform for change

In addition to the brand and communications, we have worked in partnership with Do Nation, Fjord and Accenture UI to create the Count Us In platform. is where citizens choose and track their carbon reduction steps to be counted within the Count Us In aggregator of the world’s leading climate action platforms.

working around the world

At the heart of Count Us In is the combination of energetic participatory design with the skills and knowledge of some of the world’s leading climate organisations. Through creative call-outs, remote collaboration (especially with Portland creative team Shawn and Brandon), and a spirit of open co-creation, we’ve built a platform that can inspire and provide practical steps for people and businesses to play their part in tackling the climate crisis.

“I don't think we could have achieved what we did in such a short space of time without the incredible commitment, expertise and network of the Something More Near team”

Logan McClure Davda – Impact@TED

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